Candy Camera Selfie

Candy Camera selfieAs the name suggests, with Candy Camera for Selfie, your photos will look very cute and sweet as candy! If you like the sound, keep reading this article, because I will tell you more about this great application.

Candy Camera for Selfie is a photo editing application. This allows you to add a touch of style to your photos. Also gives you a large number of filters, frames and sticker options that you want. From what I researched in this application, there is one feature that is very interesting to me. Unlike other applications out there, with this you can really see how several different filters will look. In addition, this happens in real time, without the need to take photos. If it’s not neat, I don’t know what that is.

The way this feature works is that you turn on the camera and your application, and just slide through various filters, line up below. That way you can test each and every one of them, so you will have a much easier choice between them. But, of course it’s far from what Candy Camera Online can offer for selfies. After you take your photo, you will be offered a greater chance. Along with everything else, like in every good photo editing application, we have a choice between many stickers. You will find all kinds of stickers, as well as different post-processing frames and filters.

More information about the features of Candy Camera for Selfie:

Filters for Selfie, offered by Candy Camera for Selfie, are more than perfect. With a choice between various filters, specifically designed for Selfies, you will look perfect! You can even make your skin look amazing! Don’t forget you can easily swipe left and right, to find the perfect filter for you. One that will make your Selfie look prettier!

In addition to camera filters, Candy Camera for Selfie has more editing tools, which we can add to the Beauty function category. I talk about slimming down your facial features, whitening your skin and / or teeth, fixing concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and so on! Perfect for more advanced users, who want deeper photo editing. You can also edit or use makeup stickers. Talking about stickers, that’s the next feature we will go through. I’m sure everyone, including me, likes stickers.