Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Camera for Android

camera mx

Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Camera

Take edit and manage photos with Camera MX. Camera MX is a free mobile application that replaces the original camera application of your mobile device. You can use it to take photos and add effects to them and adjust them.

Even though most mobile devices already have camera functions this one brings a number of new features including a very useful ability to see what photos will look like with certain effects added before you even take them.

Plan your photos on the go

The most useful feature of MX Camera is a composition screen that lets you preview how the photo will look before you even take it.

But you can also edit after facts with various customization features to choose from. Compared to other photo applications, this application offers a lot of potential for adjustments so you can add effects to adjust features such as color balance and adding text. You can even choose to save the same modified and unmodified version of the image.

The only downside is that storing and managing images with lots of special editing can sometimes be a bit on the laggy side. You can also use the application to manage your media library including videos and sharing photos and videos online.

Full-featured photo editing

Camera MX is a comprehensive alternative to your mobile camera application and is a good choice if you want to take and edit photos using one tool.


  • Simple interface
  • Wide range of features
  • Preview in composition screen


  • Save a lot of files that are late


Make your photos and videos even more beautiful! Find your style and try out new filters and effects! Switch from live broadcasts, when you have started recording, or edit your Live Shots after the fact.