Bacon Camera For Android

Bacon Camera apkBacon Camera also provides a good and free camera application. This camera application is very useful. All manual options are categorized as icons on the screen. On the screen you can find camera rotation options, one fx icon, a Settings icon, a manual icon and a flash icon. In the Fx icon you can find the GIF and Multi Lighting options. On the manual icon you can manually control ISO, Exposure and White balance. Also there are three different camera mods available Video, Photo and Pano (Panorama).

Overall this application is a good manual camera application for Android phones. The best thing about Bacon Camera is that you can use this Bacon camera application on devices that don’t support the Google Camera2 API. Yes! no device is needed to support the Google Camera2 API. The camera application allows you to do many interesting things, in manual mode you can independently adjust ranges such as lighting, white balance, aperture, shutter speed and ISO Semi-Manual speed and more.

This manual shooting mode allows you to take quality pictures when you use your default camera application. This application comes with many features and automatic scenario modes that are suitable for different situations. Here is a list of the pros and cons of this Application. The Bacon Camera application is available free for download on the Google Play Store, but the free version contains advertisements, if you want to delete the ad, you must pay for it.

Bacon Camera Manual control supports:

White balance
Semi-manual ISO speed
Full manual focus
Exposure compensation
RAW and DNG support
Exposure Time
Highlighted Features
If compared to fundamental camera parameters, the ability to control Bacon Camera is wider, effects, scenes, color balancing included.


  • First and Powerful Camera app with manual controls
  • A lot of camera features
  • License is free


  • Supports small amount of devices.
  • Doesn’t support official Camera2 API.
  • Free version contains ads.