B612 Camera App for Android – B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera apk

b612 selfie camera app

B612 Selfie Camera App

The B612 Camera app for Android is claimed to be the best selfie-taker app this year. Not surprisingly, this is a good number of filters compared to other apps. Every filter is amazing and successfully beautifies photos, which is a plus. The UI interface is also light and simple. It makes using app easier. The UI also supports several movements that help run app better. The app also provides other useful features such as selecting ratios before taking pictures and the ability to take multiple photos and automatically insert them into the template.

However, there are some bad sides of this application that still need to be improved. For example, the results of photos taken from poor quality app. It also doesn’t have a kind of tutorial when you first run it to guide users to maximally use hidden features.

Another disadvantage is that it takes a lot of space in your cellphone’s memory, especially with all filters and many features provided in one app. Therefore, if your memory is full, it can affect the performance of your cellphone and make it work more slowly. However, you might be able to reduce memory consumption by changing the storage target to your SD Card and not to the memory phone. To conclude the paragraph, below are the advantages and disadvantages of using B612.


  • There are many filters to choose from.
  • It has friendly UI interface.
  • You can use many fresh and useful features.


  • Poor picture quality.
  • It takes a lot of room from the memory card.

How to Use the App

After you install the app, you can immediately use it to take selfies. Just tap the screen to take a picture. The images will be saved automatically afterwards. If you want to choose a filter, tap the three circle icon on the right side of the screen. You will be able to see various filter options. To see more filters, just swipe right or left and select the one you like the most.

To use the collage feature, tap the icon located at the bottom left of your screen and select the template you like. After that, take the picture as usual and you will get a collage from your image automatically. You can flip images on collages and give different filters to each image. When done, tap the save icon on the right side of your screen to download the results.